Lucky Ducky


Lucky Ducky Savers Club

Don't be a silly goose. Save your money with CenLA FCU and be a lucky ducky!

Lucky Ducky savings accounts are similar to our regular savings accounts, except they are exclusively for our members 0- to 17-year-olds.
* Open account with a minimum $25 deposit.
* Add to or withdraw from as you choose.
* An adult must be listed on the account.
The Lucky Ducky Savers Club was created to help us partner with parents and grandparents to help teach our children how to save money. We also want our younger members to be familiar with us here at CenLA FCU.

Lucky Ducky Special Promotion

From January 15 to March 22, we are offering a special promotion for our Lucky Ducky account holders. For the first 100 Lucky Ducky accounts opened, we will match the $25 opening deposit. Moving forward, any accounts for our members 0- to 17-years-old will be considered Lucky Ducky accounts. Previous accounts opened before promotion in this age group are now Lucky Ducky accounts. These account owners may also visit a branch, deposit $25, and qualify for the matching amount as long as we have not met our limit of 100 accounts to match.
During the Lucky Ducky Promotion, we will have:
* Weekly prizes for accounts opened that week.
* Grand prizes at the end of the promotion for all current Lucky Ducky accounts.
* Chances to win prizes and cash during Lucky Ducky Days.
* Each account holder will receive tools to save: a piggy bank and your very own Lucky Ducky!

Savings Account Summary

When you join CenLA Federal Credit Union, you must open a Regular Share Account to begin your lifetime membership.
Here are some features of the Regular Share (Savings) Account:
* FREE Check card/ATM card (some conditions apply)
* FREE Online banking account access with Virtual Branch (virtual savings account)
* Your accumulated funds on deposit in the Credit Union are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the NCUA.
 Special terms and conditions apply for Lucky Ducky promotion and Lucky Ducky Days.
Must be a member of CenLA FCU to claim any prizes from Lucky Ducky Promotion. Lucky Ducky accounts are for members ages 0 to 17-years-old. Accounts must remain open for three consecutive months starting during the period of this promotion to claim any prizes from this promotion. The $25 matching amount is for the first 100 accounts opened and includes any pre-existing 0 to 17-year-old savings account holders who make the $25 deposit. Accounts and account holders will qualify for the $25 matching amount only once during this promotion period. Weekly prize winners can only qualify to win once during promotional period for weekly prize drawing. Grand prizes are open to all current Lucky Ducky account holders at the end of this promotion period, and account holder can only qualify to win one grand prize during promotion period. Lucky Ducky products and prizes while supplies last. Only Lucky Ducky account holders will qualify for any prizes or other promotional items during Lucky Ducky Days and the Lucky Ducky promotion. Lucky Ducky account holders must be able to provide original and valid Social Security cards, original and valid birth certificate, and adults must be able to provide original and valid driver’s license.
To open a Lucky Ducky account, adults will need a Social Security Card and a form of identification and children will need a Social Security Card and birth certificate.
Call 318-445-7388 to speak to one of CenLA FCU’s Member Service Representatives (MSR) at the Pineville or Coliseum branch to help you complete the process. Or stop by one of the branches Monday – Friday anytime between 9AM – 5PM and someone will be happy to assist you.