Frequently Asked Questions


Our routing number is 265273122.
Contact us during work hours to report a lost or stolen card. For non-working hours, call 1-800-472-3272 to deactivate your card. You may then order a new debit card ($10 fee).

Virtual Branch

Please contact CenLA FCU (445-7388) to begin the application process.

If you get locked out, a temporary security code will be automatically sent to the email address you have in Virtual Branch.

On the Security Code page, click “Forgot Security Code” and enter your logon id. A temporary security code will be automatically sent to the email address you have in Virtual Branch. Adding cenlafcu@cenlafcu.org to your safe sender’s list will help ensure prompt delivery.

This indicates either an invalid logon id or the account is locked out. Make sure the logon id is correct and check your email for a temporary security code.

Yes. Click on your checking account in Virtual Branch and any “Pending Items” will be listed first.

All account balances can be viewed anytime with Virtual Branch.

Make sure the Pop-up Blocker is either turned off or add “*.netit.financial-net.com” to the Pop-up Blocker exceptions list.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking allows any online banking user to access their eligible accounts from a mobile phone. You can check account balances and review recent account activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To stop using your mobile phone with Mobile Banking, access the Mobile Phones tab on the Mobile Money main menu and select “Stop using this phone for mobile banking” from the I want to list for that mobile device.
You should contact your mobile provider for information about fees associated with sending or receiving text messages or accessing the internet from your mobile phone.
Yes, you can edit Mobile Money settings anytime in Virtual Branch (Mobile Money section).
IPhone and Android based phones will allow the ‘Login’ screen to be added to your home screen. How to do this will vary from phone to phone and a quick search on the internet should help you with your particular phone (search for “adding a shortcut to the Home Screen”). For not so smart phones, a ‘Favorite’ will do.
All accounts that are accessible through online banking are eligible for use with Mobile Banking. You may choose which accounts to use with Mobile Banking when registering your mobile phone through the Mobile Banking web site.
Additional mobile phones may be added for use with Mobile Banking by accessing the My Phones tab on the Mobile Banking main menu and clicking Add New Device.
Every mobile carrier has a different rate plan for text messaging and data services access. You may be charged per use, or pay a flat rate for unlimited usage each month. You may also have different fees for text messaging and data services access. Please contact your mobile carrier directly if you aren’t sure what fees you will be charged to use Mobile Banking.
Account nicknames are abbreviated account names that protect your account information and are required for each account. You can create your own unique account nickname or use the default nickname shown in the Mobile Banking Nickname column of the Your Details Mobile Banking page. Your mobile account nicknames will not replace the account names or nicknames defined in online banking.
You’ll need to access the My Phones tab on the Mobile Banking main menu and select “Get a new activation code” for the phone on which you wish to receive a new link.

We are very concerned with the safety and privacy of your information and are committed to protecting your information. To ensure the security of your account information, a number of security features have been built into Mobile Banking products: 

  • Registration Process — The unique activation code required to verify your mobile phone number. This code associates your mobile phone number with your account. In addition to the security measure, this verification lets you know your mobile phone number was successfully entered into the system.
  • No Identifiable Information — No mobile banking text message returns any personally identifiable information, such as your full account number, PIN, email, or personal address. Your user ID and password will never be included or asked for in any of the text messages that you receive from or send to Mobile Money.
If your mobile phone number changes, you must log in to Mobile Banking and update that phone number on the “My Phones” tab of the Mobile Banking main menu.
We will never send full account numbers or other personal information via Mobile Banking. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, no one can access your account without knowing your unique user name and password. In the unfortunate event your mobile phone is either lost or stolen, report it immediately to your mobile carrier. Then you should immediately log on to Mobile Banking from your computer and delete that mobile phone number from the Mobile Banking main menu.

If you have not received your activation code, please make sure your mobile phone number is entered correctly on the Mobile Money main menu in Virtual Branch. If it is, please follow these steps: 

  1. Verify your mobile phone is turned on, and able to receive text messages. You may need to consult your mobile carrier if you are unsure if you can receive text messages. 
  2. Contact your mobile carrier and make sure your mobile phone is able to send and receive SMS messages to and from short codes. 
  3. Have the activation code resent to your mobile phone by navigating to the Mobile Banking main menu and selecting the “Get a new activation code” option located next to your phone number on the My Phones tab.

Currently for security reasons only one user can register per phone.