CenLA FCU Has a New Credit Card Coming!

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CenLA FCU has a new Credit Card coming!

(updated 9/30/2020)

CenLA Federal Credit Union is excited to announce our partnership with a new credit card processor to better serve your VISA credit card needs. This will mean a few changes to your account, and we want to make sure you know exactly what’s happening.



  • Your new card will be mailed via USPS on 10/12/2020.  (Please anticipate 7-10 business days for delivery).
  • Your credit card number and your expiration date will change.  We have linked below a Recurring Payment Checklist to assist you in updating any recurring payments or credits that will need to be transferred to your new card.
  • Electronic access to your new credit card information (view transactions, make payments, view statements, etc.) will be available within Virtual Branch.  If you have only used EzCardInfo.com to access your credit card information and do not currently have Virtual Branch, you will need Virtual Branch for electronic access.  Please email us at info@cenlafcu.org to request a Virtual Branch application.
  • For your records, we recommend that you save (or print) your statements from EZCardInfo prior to 10/23/2020 as they will not be accessible online afterwards.
  • Primary and Secondary cardholders will have their own individual card number and 3-digit code.
  • Your first statement will be mailed to you in paper form.  Afterwards, you can change the delivery to electronic in your credit card profile upon accessing Virtual Branch.
  • 24/7 Cardholder Service: Call 1-888-999-2118 (toll free U.S.) or 531-233-6372 (International) for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement requests, or to dispute a charge.


Key Dates & Information

 9/30 – ScoreCard is no longer accessible after this date.  Points will transfer to uChooseRewards in late October.

 10/12 – New CenLA Federal Credit Union Credit Card mailed via USPS.

 10/21(night) – Credit card information will not be accessible from Virtual Branch until Thursday, 10/29.

 10/26(after 6am) and Thereafter – Activate your new card using the last four digits of the primary cardholder’s Social Security Number.  Call 1-888-999-2118 to activate. Your old credit card will become inactive after this date.

 10/29 – Access credit card information and uChooseRewards via Virtual Branch.

 Fraud Security Number:  1-888-999-2118 or 1-855-926-5159 (This is the number that will appear on your caller ID if we need to contact you regarding possible fraud activity involving your account.)


How to make your CenLA Federal Credit Union credit card payment:

  • Virtual Branch or CenLA FCU APP - Simply transfer funds from your savings or checking account to your credit card account and the payment will be made.
  • If by check - No action is required.  Please include your payment stub with your check and mail to: CenLA Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 2711, Omaha, NE 68103-2711.
  • If via a bill pay service, automatic debit, or automatic transfer - Action is required.  Remember to update your account information, payment address, or transfer request information when the first statement for your new card arrives.
  • You may also call the Credit Union to make your payment, mail it to our office at 708 Jackson Street, Alexandria, LA 71301, or drop it off at any of our locations.


New Rewards Program:

Starting 10/29/2020, you can access the new rewards program called uChooseRewards. uChooseRewards will allow you to redeem points on your credit card purchases to use toward shopping, travel, event tickets, gift cards, and more such as CashBack as a credit to your credit card account.  To register your card or to monitor and redeem your uChooseRewards points, access uChooseRewqards via Virtual Branch.  

Note:  Your current points will carry over to the new rewards program.  Points accumulated between 10/1/2020 and 10/27/2020 will have a 1 point for every $1.00 spent point basis on all CenLA FCU credit card purchases.


Recurring Activity Checklist

The account number and expiration date on your new card will change along with the CVV code on the back. It is extremely important to update your account information on all recurring charges or credits that you have authorized on your CenLA Federal Credit Union VISA credit card. 

Download Recurring Payment Checklist Here.

Please Note: Payments that normally post on or before 10/22/2020, will still occur on your existing card. Beginning 10/26/2020 you must update your payment information with your new card information for each item you pay using your CenLA Federal Credit Union VISA credit card.

As always, our goal is to provide you with the very best in products and services and we thank you for your patience throughout this process. 


Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)