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Back to School Gift Card Drawing

July 12 – August 31, 2021


1. Any “current, full-time working employee” of the following school boards are allowed to participate in the CenLA FCU Back-to-School Campaign:

  • Catahoula Parish School Board
  • Grant Parish School Board
  • LaSalle Parish School Board
  • Rapides Parish School Board
  • Vernon Parish School Board
  • Winn Parish School Board
  • Central Louisiana Supports and Services Center

(For the purposes of this campaign, “current, full-time working employee”  is defined as School Board staff, principal, assistant principal, teacher, para, coaches, school secretary, counselor, lunchroom worker, custodian and school bus driver for the 2021-22 school year.  You must be employed by the school district and working full-time this upcoming school year.) 

2. Retired school employees and substitute teachers are not eligible for this campaign.

3. There are two categories:

  • Current CenLA FCU members that are employed by one of the above school districts and currently working register below for the drawing. 


  • School employees that are not already a member of CenLA FCU need to join the credit union by opening a savings account to be able to register for the Back-to-School gift card drawing.  Once membership is completed, please register for the drawing at

4. How to join CenLA FCU?

  • To become a member of CenLA Federal Credit Union – call 318.445.7388 or stop by one of our two branches at 105 Griffith Street in Pineville or 6500 Coliseum Blvd in Alexandria.  It is not required that you come into a branch to complete the membership application.  We are happy to assist you via email or phone.
  • You will need to be able to provide a copy of your valid driver’s license with current address or proof of residency such as a utility bill, lease or rent agreement, check stub or letter from employer on letterhead.
  • Person must deposit at least $25 to open a savings account.
  • In order to avoid a $5.00 monthly fee after six months, please be sure to bring your account to the $50.00 minimum.
  • We encourage members to consider auto draft/payroll deductions to build your savings account.  We do not require you to transfer your payroll direct deposit to CenLA FCU, but encourage you to set up even $20 a month of payroll deductions to your savings account. 
    ($20 per month = $240 after a year; $50 per month = $600 after a year)

5. Qualifying members may register for the $100 Walmart gift card drawing only one time.

6. Deadline to register for the $100 Walmart gift card drawing is Tuesday, August 31 at 12:00 midnight (CST).

7. Ten winners will be randomly drawn on Wednesday, September 1 and contacted by the Marketing Director ASAP.

8. Immediate family members of CenLA FCU are not eligible for this promotional campaign. 


Back-to-School $100 Walmart Gift Card Drawing Registration Form

Thank you for registering for the gift card drawing!  CenLA FCU will select 10 winners on September 1, 2021.  Good luck!