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CenLA FCU Mobile App

Cenla Federal Credit Union Banking App Virtual Branch

Ever wanted an easier, more secure way to access your account(s)?  Banking just got easier with the CenLA FCU Mobile APP!  Check balances faster, pay bills for free, transfer funds, and deposit money the smarter way!  Mobile banking is free to access but messaging and data rates may apply.
You must be enrolled in Virtual Branch to use this APP.  Please contact us for a Virtual Branch Application in order that we may verify your identity.
For these additional features, continue to use Virtual Branch to: 
  • View Statements
  • Make security changes (Password reset)
  • Update personal information
  • Customize account names
  • Setup account alerts
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Why am I not able to see all of my accounts in the APP?

Account access is controlled in the Mobile Money section within Virtual Branch.  Login to Virtual Branch and add the accounts you want accessible via the APP.  Mobile Money is located in the Self Service section. 

I'm locked out.  How do I reset my password?

Passwords must reset with Virtual Branch.  Once reset, your credentials will work with both Virtual Branch and the CenLA FCU APP.  Note for new members:  The initial password for Virtual Branch must be reset in Virtual Branch.

Should I use the APP or Virtual Branch?

This is really up to you.  Virtual Branch offers features not yet available in the APP, such as e-statements, security changes, and alerts.  However, the APP features Mobile Check Capture.  You have the freedom to choose what you need.

How can I access my credit card transaction details?

Credit Card transaction details are available in Virtual Branch only at this time.  Login to Virtual Branch, click on the credit card account, and the details will appear. 

How do I setup the fingerprint login feature?

Your device must support fingerprint recognition to use this feature.  The CenLA FCU APP uses fingerprints "already" saved on your device.  Follow the instructions on the APP to use the Fingerprint Login feature. 

What must I write on the back of my Mobile Deposit checks?

Please endorse, write "For Mobile Deposit Only at CenLA FCU", and write the account number depositing to.  Your deposit will be rejected unless all these actions are completed.